Oh Diva, you keep me on track don’t you! I did weigh in last week but on Friday because of the weight loss challenge we’re doing. So I was at 190 - which I was happy about.

The challenge is 12 weeks and my goal is to lose 20. I signed up for WW online on sunday. So far it’s helping a lot! I made it through the holiday party today at work and only had one latke and no sweets.

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah and I’m going to make some baked latkes. Yum! For us Jews ‘tis the season of fried foods but I feel confident that I’ll stay on track. Yay!


Today’s weight  190.

HW 212

SW 194

last week 192

Goal Weight - 154

Down 2 lbs this week!  I stopped South Beach on Monday night.  I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired, weak and hungry. So, I’m trying to eat fewer carbs, only complex carbs and am not tracking.  A friend at work let me know about a weight loss challenge that she is organizing.  That would be awesome to help keep me motivated.

I’ve been in a terrible mood all day and so deeply exhausted. And i don’t know why I’m feeling this way. I was up with the little one for part of the night but then hubby let me sleep in. We were out of veggies this morning so I ate a late lunch out and then got groceries. Could I be feeling run down because of the South Beach? Not enough sleep? Time of the month? Ridiculously busy week? I guess it doesn’t matter why. But I need to snap out of it before DH’s holiday party tonight. I might have to break the South Beach rules and have a drink!

WIW better late than never

CW: 192
Last week: 194
HW: 212
GW: 154

Yay! Went down 2! Day 3 of South Beach was good. My goal for November was to lose 6lbs but instead I got off track mid-month at my bday and my net loss for the month was 1lb. So it’s not what I was shooting for but I feel focused and on a good path. Onward!

Day 2 on The Beach was a little easier - though indie have some “sweetner” products. It’s ok to have them on the plan but I don’t usually use sweetener. It’s ok though - 2 weeks and then I can have fruit. 2 days down 12 to go. Weigh in tomorrow morning!

I’m On The Beach

So, Thanksgiving was delicious and I ate everything and then felt gross. And I continued to eat my way through the weekend and continued feeling gross. I did run 3.5mikes on Turkey Day with Diva and my 8 year old girl. But by Sunday morning I knew that I needed to regroup.

So I looked up a few different eating plans bc I do better with a plan. The final two were Jillian Michael’s and South Beach. Since my healthy eating most resembles phase 2 of South Beach, I decided to go with it. So now I’m on The Beach.

Two weeks no fruit, no grains, no root veggies, no sugar. Day one was ok - I was hungry every two hours but I brought plenty of food with me to work. The hardest part was breakfast - used to eating Oatmeal - and tonight when i usually have cereal. Instead I had yogurt - which I don’t usually eat bc I’m lactose intolerant. I took some Lactaid pills so hopefully it will be ok.

I felt anxious about not having things to eat when hungry - and as a result bought a lot of groceries. I need to keep telling myself that I will have plenty of food and that hunger can be uncomfortable, but it will pass and it is not painful the way that gall stones or childbirth were. In other words, hunger is not cause for panic and I will be ok.
Thanks for listening as I withdraw from sugar.

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pocketpitaandbean replied to your post: WIW
Today you kept yourself accountable. It’s not about a goal - those are just markers that we move. You are a strong and beautiful woman capable of anything. And I say try knitting in the evenings.

I am so incredibly thankful for you- for the perspective and the knitting idea. LYMI.


Ugh.  I get what I get, is the truth.  I have not tracked, besides the 5k I have not worked out, I am pre-menstrual and have a sinus infection and I have been eating everything in my path.  So, no surprise for WIW:

CW: 194

last week: 190.5

week before: 190

starting weight (this time around): 193.5 

Highest weight: 212

Lowest weight since puberty: 146

I came really close to not weighing and not posting today.  But if I’m not enrolled in some program (and paying for it), I have to post here so that I have some accountability.  I have beating myself up all day because I set a modest goal for myself this month - to lose 6lbs.  I started out great with a 3.5lb loss the first week.  I was more than halfway to my goals.  And, then my kids got sick and I got sick.  And, then it was my birthday.

Food is my drug of choice - no question about it.  If I’m sad, stressed out, lonely, anxious, angry, exhausted, happy, celebratory - I eat!  And although I eat a lot of veggies, fruits and lean protiens - I need to find other activities that help me relax at the end of a long day of working and parenting - besides watching tv and eating.  Willpower alone is not enough.  Tracking helps me stay the course but it’s easy for me to not do it.

And, exercise makes a huge difference but it’s so hard to find the time.  Excuses, excuses.  I read posts and am inspired by what you all are doing everyday.  And, I read the posts and feel like I’m not living up to my potential. 

If you have ideas, suggestions or even a joke to make me smile, bring it on!

Lastly, in honor of Thanksgiving, here are the things I am thankful for:

  • my hubby
  • my girls
  • my parents and family
  • Zoe (dog) and Cabot (cat)
  • the best friends in the world
  • good health
  • a safe, warm and sturdy home
  • music - singing with the Ladies
  • my job (some days)

Peace Y’all!

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